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Pure Sine Wave UPS consists of a sophisticated design producing the AC wave power output similar to that you would get from your house power point. These will support all the expensive and sensitive household equipments which fail to run from the power output of a modified wave UPS. Key benefits include:

  • Cold Start Operation
  • Fast changeover time
  • Smart charge technology
  • Auto overload resetting
  • Best regulated output
  • Intelligent battery management
  • High Efficiency

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Square Wave UPS from Brite is based on Mosfet/Microcontroller technology. It is a powerhouse of performance packed in a highly attractive design. It boasts of phenomenally advanced features that give it a unique ability to run a PC for hours together, even in the bleakest of power situations. Key benefits include:

  • Reliable performance
  • Compact design
  • Soft and Cold Start
  • High Efficiency
  • Built-in AVR
  • Battery Fuse Protection
  • Overload and Battery Low Protection

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Our solar hybrid inverter is an indigenously designed emergency lighting system with proven technology. It features a robust design with the best of both traditional and solar powered inverters. It will not fail in any extreme conditions. Key benefits of Solar Hybrid Inverter include:

  • Ideal for mixed load applications
  • Robust & Compact design
  • Protection against all sorts of failures
  • Priority Solar Charging
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Indigenous Design with proven technology

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When you are looking for a power solution that is dependable and reliable and cost effective, the best you can do is choose Brite. Our UPS and Digital Inverter Systems are designed with your needs in mind and manufactured with precision to give you years of trouble-free services. Come, discover the difference Brite has made to the lives of thousands of customers.

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